Web Design

Examples of websites, Wordpress blogs, SVG animations and wireframes

Brama La Pizza

Website for an Italian restaurant.
See the full site here (work in progress)

Mobile App UI

UI for a mobile app created in Axure.

See it in action here.

CIC Wireframe
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Axure wireframe for a website. See it here

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Interactive animation done using SVG and JavaScript. See it here

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Glitch animation done entirely in HTML and CSS. See it here

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My old portfolio website.

See the full site here

Taylor Electric
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Website for electrical contractor.

See the full site here

Sarah Holden
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Sarah Holden’s personal site. Made in WordPress.

See the full site here

Highland Baking
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Website and database (MySQL) for a bakery.

See the full site here

DC Sarnies
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Website for a burger bar.

See the full site here